Decred's only ticket splitting Proof-of-Stake pool.

What is BisonPool?

BisonPool helps you earn Proof-of-Stake rewards from your Decred.

Decred deposited to BisonPool is added to a common pool and used to purchase PoS tickets. Ticket splitting technology is used to track how much Decred each user contributes to each ticket, and to distribute the vote rewards fairly.

Visit to learn more about Decred and it's Proof-of-Stake system.

Who should use BisonPool?

Anybody who owns Decred can benefit from using BisonPool.

BisonPool is the only way to earn PoS rewards if you don't have enough Decred to purchase a full ticket on your own.

The price of tickets is constantly changing, so even if you are able to afford a ticket on your own, you will likely have excess Decred which is not invested and not earning rewards.

Using BisonPool will ensure that all of your Decred is constantly invested into tickets regardless of how much you deposit.


Register using only an email address and start staking in minutes.


There's no software to install and no technical skills needed.


No backups required. No seed words to keep private. No possibility of user error.


Full visibility of tickets purchased with your Decred, provided by


Wallets hosted by security professionals. No need to manage your own.

24/7 Support

Get help or ask questions at any time via Discord, Twitter, or email.

BisonPool users are currently earning

Return per Ticket
~0.55% / 29 days
Annual Return
~7.15% / year
*Return depends on ticket price, currently 240.19 DCR

Voting wallets on four continents

Our redundant voting wallets ensure constant uptime and a low latency connection to anywhere in the world, minimizing missed tickets and maximizing voting rewards.

São Paulo

Join the BisonPool herd

We are stronger together.

BisonPool was created by a pair of life-long technology enthusiasts - two IT security experts with a combined 28 years experience working to secure corporate networks. For the last 2 years we have shifted our focus towards blockchain infrastructure development.

Since 2018 we have been anonymously participating in the Decred community and searching for a way to contribute to the Decred ecosystem. We recognized that ticket splitting was a highly requested feature, and something we would like to use ourselves.

The Decred community is a community of doers. We firmly believe that if you want something done, the best solution is to do it yourself. That is why we built BisonPool.

Please feel free to contact us on Discord or Twitter.